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        January 25, 2018

        Hawaii Beach Portraits \\ Maggie & Me

        Big waves. A cute hat. A fantastic new friend... I'd say my first photo session in Hawaii was pretty dang awesome. Although, Im not sure you can call it an official photo session. Margaret is a fellow...
        August 15, 2017

        Sweet & Ethereal Senior Portraits \\ Grace

        Grace is pretty darn cute, let me tell ya. Not only is she adorable on the outside, but her heart and spirit as so pure and warm. She is all about serving others, and that is such a beautiful and rare...
        July 31, 2017

        Modern Woodsy Senior Portraits \\ Kathleen

        Not only is Kathleen gorgeous, but she is also personable, sweet, and insanely smart. This girl is gonna kill it in her college classes. During our session we talked about her aspirations and plans fo...