2017 Year in Review

2017 was quite the journey for me. Just a little over one year ago, I decided to pursue this full time just and I can’t believe how far everything has come since then! There are so many people that have played a part in the growth of this venture and I am so humbled to be where I am now. There is no way I could have started a thriving business without my parents letting me live with them as I started everything from the ground up, Katrina with Destination Elopements WNC supporting me every step of the way and choosing me (at the time a newly established photographer) just because of her “gut feeling” that we would make a great partnership, all of my friends and family who have listened to me laugh & cry over the work it took to build this thing and of course all of my incredible brides, grooms & clients that have helped spread the word.

As I look back on this year, I am in awe of how beautiful love & life can be. Every couple I had the privilege of working with had their own unique quirks and dynamics. I learned so much about what I personally want in a relationship and what a healthy love looks like from my couples (many of whom I now think of as friends).

Going into 2018, I feel more ready than ever to see where this journey continues to take me. I am so excited about my new venture with The Remnant Collective (a team of associates throughout NC, SC & VA) & the opportunity to make a change through photojournalism and giving back. In this upcoming year, my business goal is to focus more on the personal side of what I do. I can’t wait to share all of my travels & adventures with you as it all unfolds in 2018 – starting with Hawaii (I leave Monday & will be gone for 2 months – eekkkkk!!).

For now, heres 25 of my favorite moments from 2017 (in no specific order & not at all encompassing of all the amazing moments I had with all of my clients this past year).

1. A Sunset Engagement Session to DIE for

2. One of the most meaningful, love filled ceremonies I’ve ever experienced

This ceremony was truly something special. Alex and Craig took their guests on an adventure up a mountain to get married right around sunset on a mountaintop surrounded by their closest friends and family.

3. That moment when the light peaked perfectly through the trees

4. A rainy day turned into the perfect romantic setting

5. The dreamiest last second styled shoot ever

It was a dream of mine to be published in Green Wedding Shoes and this styled shoot made that happen!!

6. This gorgeous ceremony purely about their love and nothing else

Seriously I almost choked on my tears at this one… their love incredible.

7. The most joyful couple I met in 2017

8. Working with this GORGEOUS model to help build her portfolio

9. My first time ever experiencing Max Patch with this sweet couple

10. This beautiful Elopement in the Blue Ridge Mountains

11. One of my favorite dresses of 2017

12. Photographing my brother and his beautiful fiancé’s engagement photos

13. Experiencing Grandfather Mountain for the first time with these two love birds

14. This gorgeous Virginia wedding in the perfect venue

15. This whimsical wedding in the woods

16. My first time at Black Balsam Knob for an elopement that is now a go to spot for my local clients

17. Photographing my mom and dad on my 25th birthday while on a family vacation in the Outer Banks

18. When the fog & wind at Craggy Gardens worked perfectly

19. Shooting at Looking Glass Falls for the first time

20. This incredible styled shoot that we all nearly froze to death at

Seriously… it was frigid… this girl was beyond a trooper!

21. When elegance and grunge found the perfect blend

22. When this bride & groom’s joy could not be smothers by the rain

23. When this girl worked it at both Looking Glass falls and Black Balsam Knob

24. A New Years Eve wedding filled with some of the most genuine love I’ve ever gotten to experience between two people

25. Last but not least, when the rain poured during our engagement session and these two embraced it and jumped in the pond with me

Ugh guys, this year has been incredible. Looking back on all of these photos makes me so excited to see what 2018 holds for all of us. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us & to experience even more love in this upcoming year.