*This session was shot by one of our BA associates!*

Cassie and Carter shared their “I do’s” in the beautiful setting of The Barns at Maple Valley Farm in West Virginia. These two beautiful souls felt that the rustic and enchanting scene would be the perfect place for them to share their love on one of the most special days of their life!

The day began with the two love birds getting ready with their respective parties, eagerly waiting for the moment they could see each other for the first time on their wedding day!

Her choice in hot pink shoes for the big day was a perfectly unique touch that really let Cassie’s personality shine through!

First looks are such a special moment to capture. You can see the love all over Carter’s face as he marvels at his bride.

Right after Carter caught his breath (can you blame him!? Look at her!) the couple proceeded to read their vows to each other in a more intimate setting than the traditional ceremony.

After the two made their commitment to each other, they tied a 3 stranded cord that represented their unique relationship with God and then with each other. Special moments that mean something specifically to the couple are always so touching.

The setting of this beautiful barn couldn’t have been more perfect for the post-wedding couple photos.

And so began the reception! It’s always fun to see the huge relief come over the couple who now knows that they got through the important stuff and its finally time to dance and smash cake in the mouth of their new forever love!

The two look ecstatic as they know the night is coming to an end, but the adventure of their life long love has just began. Cheers, Cassie and Carter!


I believe photography is much more than creating beautiful images – it’s about the connection that you share as a couple and the human connection that we also share that will aid in capturing images that are representative of you and your unique love.

My goal is always to show a unique perspective on what makes this time in your life so beautiful. Lets learn more about each other and share in each other’s lives. Lets laugh with the good and capture the hard times for what they are. Lets set our sight on the beauty of what is happening in the present, so years down the road you can relive the joy and love of this season through images that represent you well.