TO MENU

        Abby was a joy to work with from start to finish.  She was easy going, talkative & ready to work it ;).

        Most seniors are just getting used to the camera and need some time to warm up.  Honestly, I LOVE this for a majority of my sessions because I enjoy seeing a girl go from shy and unsure of themselves at the beginning of a session to confident and working it by the end!  All personalities are different & it’s a blast to work with all different kinds of people, but Abby was a fun change because she was ready to work it right from the start.

        Not only is Abby an absolute sweetheart, but she is incredibly intelligent and driven.  Her goals and ambitions for after school blew me away.  She shined with confidence in a world where so many young women cower because of all the ads on our screens that make us feel less than.  Abby is clearly stunning – It was such a privilege to spend some time with this woman who is beautiful both inside and out.


        My favorite part of shooting portraiture is experiencing the beauty that each and every woman holds both outside and within.  Each and every individual is so different, and in a world where women are constantly told they are not enough, its a dream to be able to encourage woman to be exactly who they are.

        I so enjoyed Abby because at a young age, she is exactly who she is… and that’s the most beautiful thing.


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