City Lights Engagement Session \\ Tim & Hayden

Now this couple here means a lot to me – this is my brother and future sister in law! Let me tell you, they’re precious.

No, I will not be photographing their wedding (I’m not so keen on working family weddings), but I’ll be in the bridal party! It will be a ton of fun to be a part of the wedding instead of working it this time around.

I seriously can not wait to see the beautiful day these two put together. Hayden is a graphic designer with an amazing, clean, sophisticated yet trendy style that anyone would swoon over. My brother may not have the same eye for design, but judging by his taste in women, he’s got pretty great taste as well (corny, yes).

Their uptown session was a great opportunity for us to spend some time together & enjoy our beautiful city. I’m in love with their engagement session – let me know your thoughts!


Yep. They’re perfect <3.