There is nothing quite as romantic as the idea of kissing in the rain or snuggling up on a chilly, foggy day. Ben & Stori embraced the weather on their big day and the results turned out to be well worth it.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a popular location for elopements & rightfully so. The sweeping views, winding roads & romantic atmosphere are the perfect backdrop far your “I do’s”. There are some common issues that we run into when planning an elopement or photo session in the mountains and one of those “issues” is fog!

As everyone knows, weather is unpredictable and uncontrollable, so we have to roll with the punches when it is not doing what we would like it to do. Rain can often be a very romantic – some of my favorite images have been taken in the rain! But, rain is more difficult than fog because it can damage equipment. Fog is one of nature’s phenomenons that looks incredible in pictures every time. There is something about the way the trees & surroundings fade into the background that makes the subject pop… it’s truly beautiful.

On top of their luck with fog (that also happened to roll out just long enough for us to capture some sweeping views), Grandfather Mountain made my job easy with its jaw-dropping scenery. This location is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations to take my elopement couples along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It has breathtaking views, multiple options for backdrops & is extremely accessible for those who would prefer not to hike too much.

In this case, Ben & Stori’s elopement company (and our partner), Destination Elopements, suggested this location to the couple & we all quickly fell in love. Every aspect of this day from the fog to the location came together in a perfectly imperfect manor making the day uniquely theirs & beautiful in its own way.


I believe photography is much more than creating beautiful images – it’s about the connection that you share as a couple and the human connection that we also share that will aid in capturing images that are representative of you and your unique love.

My goal is always to show a unique perspective on what makes this time in your life so beautiful. Lets learn more about each other and share in each other’s lives. Lets laugh with the good and capture the hard times for what they are. Lets set our sight on the beauty of what is happening in the present, so years down the road you can relive the joy and love of this season through images that represent you well.