*Shot by one of our BA associates*

We are so excited to share this sweet, intimate wedding on the blog! Glass House Winery in Free Union, Virginia was the perfect venue for this day & we loved the untraditional, laid-back approach. Not to mention, Jon & Susan have such a cute love story, so we wanted you all to hear the details firsthand.

Here’s a little backstory from Susan:

“So, it’s a bit of a long story, but Jon and I met in college and became friends. We were dating other people off and on, but were good friends. Something happened though and we stopped talking for a few years. When Jon reached out to me in 2017, it was if no time had passed! We caught up and became good friends again. We then started dating and decided we had waited long enough. We actually got married in January off of Route 66! I fell in love with his care for other people, not to mention he is a book nerd like me but he owns a Harley and a leather jacket swoon”

Susan didn’t wear a white dress, there wasn’t a wedding party or a traditional cake but there was an amazing ice cream bar! Again, we loved the way they approached their day & made it their own. It was so unique & memorable.

Thank you Jon & Susan for allowing us to capture this special celebration with the people you love most. We are wishing you a life full of love, adventure & of course, leather jackets 😉


I believe photography is much more than creating beautiful images – it’s about the connection that you share as a couple and the human connection that we also share that will aid in capturing images that are representative of you and your unique love.

My goal is always to show a unique perspective on what makes this time in your life so beautiful. Lets learn more about each other and share in each other’s lives. Lets laugh with the good and capture the hard times for what they are. Lets set our sight on the beauty of what is happening in the present, so years down the road you can relive the joy and love of this season through images that represent you well.