Grandfather Mountain Elopement \\ Amy & Peter

Oh boy.. where do I even start? This fall wedding season has my head spinning with excitement, love, thankfulness and lots of busyness. Between elopements, weddings and engagements, I have encountered more couples than I can keep track of – and it is absolutely amazing.

This season has been one of absolute chaos. Figuring out all of the ins and outs of running an independent business has been a whirlwind & such an amazing growth opportunity. Guys, I’m going to get real for a moment. Life can be so hectic that I don’t even know which way is up sometimes – anyone else with me? At the end of a day, life is so much more than what we do for work. There are also relationships, family, health, self care and so much more to be thinking about. Sometimes creating a work / life balance can feel impossible… but its not ;). Guys, there is always time to take care of yourself and I am becoming a huge advocate for self care after seeing the benefits of it in every area of my life, not only my health and wellness. Take care of yourself, you lovely humans!

At the end of the day, all of YOU, all of my amazing clients and couples, have kept me excited to continue each day doing what I love. YOU make all of the chaos MORE than worth it.

Now, let’s chat about these cuties.

Amy and Peter are too freaking cute…  They fell in love quick and hard, and chose to solidify that love at the top of Grandfather Mountain. The view, wind, and weather made for a perfect ceremony. I could feel the love these two had for each other pulsing through every one of the words in their vows. Gosh, I love what I do.

Lets let these photos speak for themselves ;).

 Officiant: Reverend Katrina   Officiant: Reverend Katrina

Pure joy, am I right?