Hawaii Beach Portraits \\ Maggie & Me

Big waves. A cute hat. A fantastic new friend… I’d say my first photo session in Hawaii was pretty dang awesome. Although, Im not sure you can call it an official photo session. Margaret is a fellow photographer, so we went out just to have some fun and shoot together. This girl is such a sweetheart, she’s beautiful, she’s clearly talented… and she’s single ;). You can check out her work on her Instagram here.

All that to say, my time in Hawaii has been nothing short of incredible. To answer any questions, I am volunteering with YWAM Ships in their communications department. I am helping design their annual report and any other print publications they need updated (I went to school for cinematic arts, journalism & publication design) while taking photos here and there or as I get jobs (if you’re interested PLEASE reach out – I’m dying to shoot more here in Hawaii).

I’ve been carrying around my film cameras more than my big DSLRs because (1) my DSLR is just bulky and (2) I am trying to be present in the moment… and something about film helps me capture a moment without worrying about “the perfect shot” or posting to Instagram immediately… it’s super refreshing. My Nikon Point & Shoot was around $50 on amazon & one of the best purchases I have made in a while. If you want to get something manual, this little Pentax k1000 above is so much fun to use as well.

Well, feel free to message me with any questions about what Im doing with YWAM or with film camera questions (although I am still learning about film in many ways).

Mahalo, friends!