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        Our trip to Iceland and Ireland felt like a complete dream. Only a month later, looking back on it feels like a warm memory that sits close to my heart. The grandeur of Iceland’s dramatic landscapes accompanied by the calm of Ireland’s rolling hills & kind culture seemed like the perfect combination for a well rounded adventure.

        I have written out our itinerary below and after each country I decided to share a small excerpt from the journal I kept while traveling. I am also sharing the video I made from our trip including a voiceover that was taken from a journal entry I wrote upon reflecting on our trip directly below.



        Day 1 – Reykavik


        Day 2 – The Golden Circle


        Day 3 – The Southern Coast


        Iceland Journal Highlights:

        “It’s very hard to get lost in an Icelandic Forrest, but if you do, just stand up” -2 of our Icelandic tour guide told in very different ways

        Iceland is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen. Everything about it has this grandeur complimented by a quiet humility. It feels to me as if it whispers in your ear about the absolute beauty and delicacy of life while simultaneously taking your breath away with grand gestures.

        This trip has been like a dream. It hasn’t been perfect in then traditional way of thinking about a perfect trip (although its been pretty close), but what makes it especially special is the laughter and memories we’ve shared throughout every day. Everyday on the road teaches me something – about myself, my cutie travel companion & just life in general – it’s really the most incredible thing.

        Iceland in particular has left me breathless multiple times. The snow capped mountains, grand glaciers, black sand beaches, cliffs, cascading waterfalls & mossy green landscapes in contrast to the black and white scenery that seems to dominate in the winter season all kind of sing in their own way. The Northern lights were one of the most brilliant things I have ever witnessed. Iceland is just incredible… I’m not sure what more to say, words simply cant do it justice.


        Day 4 – Kinsale & Cork


        Day 5 – The Dingle Peninsula & Killarney


        Day 6 – The Gap of Dunloe, The Cliffs of Moher & Doolin


        Day 7-8 – Galway & Dublin


        Ireland Journal Highlights:

        The Perfect Irish coffee:
        1. Pre-heat glass
        2. Add 35.5 ml Paddy Whiskey
        3. Ass 1 tsp sugar
        4. Pour to the top of “Triple Distilled” with fresh coffee
        5. Layer with lightly whipped whipping cream
        6. Top off with lightly grated nutmeg and dark chocolate

        Our Ireland Portion if the trip started with the best glass of Irish coffee in all of Ireland (at least thats what the sign hanging on Kitty O’Se’s wall claimed… I certainly believe it). This is going to sound cheesy but from the very start, accompanied by only the best Irish coffee, there was something magical about our time together in Ireland.

        I laugh thinking about Ireland: driving on the left side of the road, popping into pubs every chance we had, the wide smiles that seem to be permanently places on the Irish people’s faces – it was just happy. The rolling hills put my heart at peace while the people gave me a shot of joy and unashamed expressions of kindness. This place will always be engrained in my mind as a simply happy place.

        – – – – – – – – – – – 

        The memories we made along this journey are so incredibly special. I’d advise anyone looking to explore grand scenery to explore Iceland & anyone looking for a great, kind pub culture and peaceful, rolling, green hills to visit Ireland… of course, visiting both was an amazing experience! If anyone has any questions about our plans or what we did, feel free to ask away – I always love chatting about travel!