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        Lauren and Austin are basically the cutest things ever.  I can’t get enough of them!

        We started their engagement session in Freedom Park, and it was perfect for these two!  We wandered around and I asked them to do silly things with each other in order to get real smiles & laughs – and they were all in.  When couples really engage with each other and their session, it makes a world of a difference.  Don’t get me wrong – Im SUCH an awkward human and understand that sometimes it can be hard to lighten up in front of the camera, but when you just embrace the awkward, all the sudden you’re pictures become personal, filled with real emotion and personality.  But anyway… let’s enjoy this couple’s love for a moment:




        From Freedom Park we made our way into the city of Charlotte, which is just a quick drive away.  We had so much fun just walking around the city & getting to know one another a little better. Plus, the light, wind & everything seemed to be on our side.

        This day was overcast and a little gloomy looking outside, but that is actually PERFECT for photos. Everyone always wants the sunny, light in your hair photos but some of the best light is actually found on cloudy days – the clouds serve as a soft box for the light, evenly distributing the light on your face, creating a more flattering lighting situation. So do not fear a little drizzle or clouds when it comes to your session – it can actually be the perfect scenario!



        And I’m dead – these two are perfect <3.


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