Black Balsam Knob Elopement \\ Lydia & Jeremiah

Lydia & Jeremiah’s love for one another is infectious. I cry at almost every ceremony I photograph (hopeless romantic over here), but this on was the ugly-mascara-dripping-down-your-cheeks kind of cry.

These two met when Lydia was moving in next door to Jeremiah & he offered to help. Apparently that night they spent hours talking, never wanting the night to end… and the rest is history. Their vows so accurately depicted their total commitment and head-over-heals in love relationship -hense the raccoon eyes.

I can honestly say that their love helped encourage me in my own love journey to wait for a relationship that contains both respect & a passionate love. Sometimes seeing just a glimpse of someones love, as small as it may be, is the most encouraging and hope-filling thing.

Enjoy this small look into their unique love.

 Reverend Katrina Reverend Katrina

Ah guys – my heart. How precious are they?!