TO MENU

        Not only is Kathleen gorgeous, but she is also personable, sweet, and insanely smart. This girl is gonna kill it in her college classes. During our session we talked about her aspirations and plans for after high school (she took these photos as a senior, so she will be off to college VERY soon) and I was thoroughly impressed by how ambitious Kathleen is. I love that kind of bravery the says I can do whatever I set my mind to – we need more of that!

        Every time I meet with my seniors, I am blown away by how simply awesome they are. I don’t know about you, but when I was a senior in high school I was NOT cool. I was nervous in front of new people and kinda awkward (lets be honest… Im still kinda awkward – I’ve just learned to embrace it), but these girls always seem to rock their sessions, even when they’re feeling nervous.

        Kathleen basically blew my socks off with her natural knack for modeling and playing with poses. I hope you enjoy her session as much as I did!