Mountain Top Elopement at Craggy Gardens

While walking up a trail to the top of this gorgeous mountain, I had the privilege of learning about Natasha and Shawn’s love story. Natasha and Shawn first met while working in the catering industry. Shawn was a chef for one catering business, while Natasha was a waitress for another. Natasha said “I was waiting a while for him to ask me out”, but clearly eventually it happened.

The whole time I was with these two, their love was so evident. Shawn helped Natasha walk around in her heals and change between heals and sneakers. He played along with every one of my prompts as they laughed and just enjoy themselves throughout the session.

Enjoy taking a peak into this once in a lifetime moment of theirs :).

After spending some time at the top of the mountain, we hiked back down to meet some of their closest family and friends for their vows. The ceremony by WNC Destination Elopements (shout out to my girl, Katrina!) was absolutely beautiful. The officiant, Katrina, did an amazing job speaking about their love and the lasting commitment of marriage. Katrina’s beautiful words paired with the surroundings and the couple’s loved ones looking on gave me all the feels.

Although every wedding is truly beautiful, elopements and intimate weddings are my absolute favorite. There’s something so special about the simplicity of saying yes to a lifetime with the one you love alongside those that you hold most dear.

I hope you enjoyed their story and this sneak into their day as much as I did.