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        I absolutely love Sarah and Wade. There is something to be said for allowing a relationship to form between a photographer and client. I have found that all of my best work comes from the clients who have the most open hearts towards me and let me into their world. Sarah and Wade are the perfect example of open hearts that led to a beautiful outcome.

        From the second I met these two, they were eager to build a relationship and allowed me to see into their world & the functions of their unique love. They opted to purchase an engagement session, which was where the connection we found all began. I often stress to my couples how important it is to add on an engagement session if it is not included for this very reason – it allows a space to connect & get to know one another pre-wedding-day.

        There is something so unique about a connection between a client and someone with a camera. Documentary Photography & Videography are an attempt to tell a story – the more deeply an artist can understand that story and who their subjects are, the more accurately the story can be depicted. “Real” and “vulnerable” images don’t just happen – they happen out of a place of comfortable friendship and a willingness to let your heart be exposed. It is so important that you remind yourself, no matter who your photographer is, that it’s okay to let loose and just be you.

        Almost every client warns me, “I am so awkward in front of a camera”… and guess what, so am I! It is not about feeling like a super model in front of a camera, but about letting your guard down and being all of yourself – let your odd-ball self out & I can guarantee your photos will turn out way better than they would have if you were acting out some fantasy in order to get the perfect Pinterest photo. When you allow the camera to see the true you, those images will be so much more beautiful than the perfect Pinterest photo because they will reflect the true YOU!

        But back to Sarah and Wade… their day was nothing short of magical. From their free-spirited attitudes to the well-thought-out yet eclectic table settings to the Celtic inspired band – the day represented Sarah & Wade through and through. I hope you can feel the joy they share in these photos as much as I do!

        Sarah & Wade decided to give gifts and then say their personalized vows to one another after their first look in a more intimate setting. I absolutely love their idea to share this moment just between the two of them. They said traditional vows at their ceremony, but decided to keep this moment of their personalized vows private – it was the perfect decision for them & their unique love.

        The couple’s friends & family passed their rings around to everyone who was there so that everyone could bless the ring before they slipped it on & made that physical demonstration of their commitment – how cool is that?

        Ugh – this day was a dream. I love looking through all of these memories… being invited into such a special moment reminds me why I do what I do & I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

        Other Vendors:

        Music: Bardic Alchemy
        Dress: BHLD
        Rentals: East West Vintage Rentals


        I’m having a wedding around the same time at this same venue. Do you think this couple would be willing to give us some advice about the space and logistics?Would love to chat whenever they have a moment in the future.

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