I cannot wait to connect with you and begin to explore where this relationship can take us! Below, I've written a bit of a monologue before your contact form. If you're wanting to connect farther, read on! If you don't feel like it, that's okay too - I'm just excited to hear from you!

You’ve made it through all of that information to end up here, and this is when it gets good.

The contact form below asks a few questions – please do not skimp out on telling me more about yourself! I absolutely love getting to know the couple or individual I am talking to before responding so that I can get a better feel for if we would be the right fit for your big day. This is about you – although I’d love to work with every in love couple or excited senior, I know I am not the right fit for absolutely everyone – and that’s okay!

If you are looking for traditional, posed photos or a photographer who makes everything look perfect at the cost of realness (if that’s a word), we’re not the right fit. But, if you love capturing the good, the real & the messy or if you want to see a memoir to your day instead of traditional photos – I think we’ll be a great fit.

Take the time to tell me a little more about yourself – I promise it will be worth it! The more we can connect and get to know one another, the deeper the connection will be for your day so that we can capture those truly vulnerable moments.


Weddings start at $3,200 for weekdays & $3,600 for weekends

Elopements start at $1,500 for weekdays & $1,800 for weekends
Adventure Sessions start at $750

Weddings start at $2,800
Elopements start at $1,200



I can't wait to get to know you - lets PARTAY!