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        “When you have an intense contact of love with nature or another human being, like a spark,
        then you understand that
        there is no time and that everything is eternal.” -Paulo Coelho

        Intimate-Backyard-Wedding September 11, 2018

        Intimate Backyard Asheville Wedding // Alexandra & Nicholas

        I can't say enough about this couple & their love for one another.  Honestly, I feel like the luckiest photographer in the world - I seem to get all of the absolute coolest, most down to earth cou...
        Charleston-Wedding-Photographer August 21, 2018

        Vintage Meets Jungle Charleston Wedding \\ Kristen & Dave

        This event was absolutely killer. KILLER. Kristen told the planner "think grandma's house meets jungle" and later told me she wanted the day to feel like grandma wearing a leopard print jumpsuit... y...
        June 13, 2018

        Homestead Manor Spring Wedding \\ Alyssa & Brian

        Alyssa and Brian are genuinely two of the sweetest individuals I've had the opportunity of photographing. They are down to earth, real, and low key - just my kind of couple. They decided to hold their...
        Adventurous-Mountain-Elopement-Photographer March 27, 2018

        Black Balsam Knob Elopement \\ Lydia & Jeremiah

        Lydia & Jeremiah's love for one another is infectious. I cry at almost every ceremony I photograph (hopeless romantic over here), but this on was the ugly-mascara-dripping-down-your-cheeks kind of...
        Bohemian-Wedding-Woods-Photography March 23, 2018

        Rainy Bohemian Wedding \\ Addie & Ryan

        If rain on your wedding day is good luck, than Addie & Ryan are going to have years of luck & bliss in front of them. These two embraced the rain like champs on their big day. Their sweet frie...
        March 12, 2018

        Magical Mt. Mitchell Elopement \\ Becky & Daniel

        These two are some of the most joyfully in love people I have ever met. From the short amount of time I got to spend with them, I learned that they are sweet, kind and so understanding of each other a...
        January 31, 2018

        A Rooftop City Lights Wedding \\ Amanda & Kyle

        Amanda and Kyle's wedding was out of my typical style, which was so refreshing for me to experiment with. I'm used to mountainous, intimate events - while this event was an urban, rooftop party - and ...
        Charlotte-Wedding-Woods-Photographer January 23, 2018

        A Woodland Wedding \\ Amanda & George

        Amanda & George felt more like friends than clients after capturing their big day. I was blessed enough to also photograph their engagement photos in uptown Charlotte and connect with them there, ...
        January 18, 2018

        Intimate MountainTop Wedding \\ Alex & Craig

        I've been so excited to share Alex & Craig's sweet intimate wedding with you all! It was definitely one of my favorite highlights of 2017. The love these two share is so genuine and I truly enjoye...
        November 8, 2017

        Grandfather Mountain Elopement \\ Amy & Peter

        Oh boy.. where do I even start? This fall wedding season has my head spinning with excitement, love, thankfulness and lots of busyness. Between elopements, weddings and engagements, I have encountered...