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        Let's do this dang thing.

        I am so excited that I can now offer mentorship opportunities to those looking to pursue their dreams! If you are looking for a little help and guidance along your journey as a photographer, I would love to help out! Look at our options below and I would love to come alongside you in this pursuit of your dream.

        The Mentorship Workbook

        Every mentorship package comes with a Mentorship Workbook that will be filled out according to topic. For each topic, we will not only discuss it but we will also look at examples and work on it hands-on when applicable.

        Sample Topics Include:
        -Building a Strong Brand & Online Presence
        -Posing prompts & tips
        -Composition Rules & when to break them
        -Planning for & the flow of a Wedding / Elopement
        -How I built my business & how you can do the same
        -Finding your unique style
        -Emailing clients & responding to leads

        I am SO excited to chat with you and help you along your journey to becoming the best version of yourself as a photographer. My hope is that this opportunity can inspire you to be 100% you in everything you do professionally from your brand to the way you interact with your clients while teaching you the skills necessary to move forward in this business.

        I’m pretty pumped & want this experience to be all about YOU and your needs – SO tell me everything… now go: